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Chubb’s Top Tips to Stay Safe this Summer

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It’s finally summer, and that means it’s the perfect chance to fire up the barbecue and spend time with friends and family – or to get away for a well-earned break. But how do you make sure your summer barbecue doesn’t turn into a nightmare? And how do you keep your home safe and secure while you’re out of town? Chubb offers practical tips to stay safe this summer. Chubb is a part of Carrier, a leading global provider of innovative heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC), refrigeration, fire, security and building automation technologies.



Five tips for staying safe during summer barbecues:

1. Never use petrol – Petrol is an unpredictable and extremely dangerous substance – its toxic fumes can cause serious harm and should never be used to light a barbecue. 

2. Don’t leave the fire burning – Never leave exposed flames unattended.   Flames can quickly grow out of control and cause considerable damage.

3. Play safe with gas and flame – Ensure that all gas equipment is safe to use and store it according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Let coal barbecues cool down fully and safely. 

4. Keep an eye on kids and pets – Keep children, pets and any games or activities are away from the cooking area.

5. Be careful with disposable barbecues – If you are using a disposable barbecue, use bricks to create a flat, level surface for it. Make sure the area is well ventilated, and never use a disposable barbecue indoors. It is vital to ensure the barbecue or coals have cooled down before putting them into a waste bin. Leave your barbecue to cool for several hours and consider pouring water over it to ensure it is out. Failure to do this can cause a serious fire and damage the environment.

Five tips for keeping your home secure while you enjoy your holiday:

1. Make sure your alarms are working – Before going away on holiday, test your security alarm or have it serviced to ensure that any faulty equipment is identified and replaced in good time.

2. Get a little help from friends – When you go away, ask a trusted friend, family member or neighbour to collect your post. Having post piling up is a tell-tale sign that you are away for an extended period. 

3. Don’t leave keys out – Do not keep keys in a place that is visible from the outside, such as hanging them on hooks or on top of a surface near the front door. Similarly, do not leave keys under a doormat or in or under a plant pot near the front door. 

4. Don’t advertise your plans online – Posting your travel plans on social media alerts people that you will be away for an extended period, so be careful. While you are away, consider installing a timer to switch lights on and off so your property appears occupied. 

5. Don’t leave valuables on display – When you go away, store all valuable items and possessions such as laptops, tablets or jewellery out of sight in a safe place.