Chubb RVR Thwarts Fuel Theft at Coach Company

July 26, 2011


A CCTV system monitored by Chubb Remote Video Response (RVR) is ensuring that fuel theft is a thing of the past for executive coach operator, Sharpes of Nottingham.

Chubb RVR Thwarts Fuel Theft at Coach Company
Chubb Remote Video Response (RVR) is ensuring that fuel theft is a thing of the past for executive coach operator Sharpes

With the ever-rising price of fuel and a marked increase in thefts across the UK, not a single crime has taken place at the vehicle storage and fuel compound since the system was installed.

Sharpes is a family-run coach travel company that operates a fleet of vehicles, some valued in excess of £400,000. Its onsite fuel supply has often been a target for theft in the past, as James Sharpe, Operations Director, explains: “Our vehicles have to be kept in a secure external compound overnight,” he says. “Although conventional security is enough to deter the opportunist, the more determined thief will try any number of ways to breach security and either damage the vehicles or to steal fuel.”

The solution was an RSI Videofied system, integrating existing CCTV with RVR’s remote video response centre (RVRC) in Gloucester, to protect both the fleet of vehicles and the storage compound at night.

Sharpe says that the benefits and flexibility that the RSI system provides, and the added enhancement of off-site monitoring, delivers a cost-efficient and security-effective solution: “It ensures that our assets are kept as safe as possible when the garage is closed,” he says.

“We find the system very simple,” he continues. “It arms when we leave the premises at night and can be overridden when vehicles arrive or depart throughout the night. In the event of someone being seen in the compound, RVR calls us straight away.”

Colin Walters, General Manager of RVR, says that the ability to monitor a site 24/7 is an effective deterrent for would-be intruders seeking to steal valuable commodities such fuel, and to prevent petty acts of vandalism that can cost thousands of pounds in repairs and lost business.

“Fuel prices are high right now which makes it quite a sought after commodity,” he says. “The CCTV installed combined with our 24-hour monitoring service has ensured not one incident has taken place since the site was commissioned.”


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