Chubb Receives National Recognition for Innovative Automatic Access Control System

Sep 30, 2015


Chubb Systems has successfully passed the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure's (CPNI) assurance scheme for the Automatic Access Control System (AACS) control element of the Chubb ADACS security software solution.

Chubb Receives National Recognition for Innovative Automatic Access Control System

A powerful and sophisticated software solution, Chubb ADACS is an information management system that collates data and security information from multiple channels, protecting an organisation's portfolio of assets that may be distributed over a wide geographical area. Chubb ADACS plays a crucial role in safeguarding people, vitally important information and property. In meeting CPNI's AACS standards, it is now included in the organisation's Catalogue of Security Equipment.

Graeme Heanan, Regional Managing Director, Chubb Systems, says the accreditation demonstrates Chubb's commitment to provide security solutions for critical infrastructure.

"Passing the CPNI assurance scheme for AACS highlights Chubb's capability to address all aspects of a customer's security needs," said Heanan. "Chubb ADACS ensures a customer can mitigate potential situations, while operating from a single interface."

In dynamic, fast-moving environments, Chubb ADACS presents operators with core information on a four-quadrant workstation display, enabling alarms and events to be handled quickly and efficiently using a flexible workflow process, whilst still providing an overview of the site.

This protection of information and critical assets is important, Heanan continues: "Security is a constant concern for any organisation. All businesses, enterprises and critical infrastructure sites are looking for the best solutions to protect every asset in the simplest way."


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Chubb was manufacturing safes as early as the 1840s

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For nearly 200 years, Chubb's mission has been to make the world a safer place by protecting our customers with essential systems, equipment and services.

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Chubb alarm receiving centres operate 24/7 365 days a year


Premises protected by Chubb can be monitored by our own alarm receiving centres (ARCs) 24/7, we operate 365 days of the year, ensuring that we are always here when you need us, protecting your world.

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Chubb is one of the UK's best‑known providers of fire safety and security solutions for businesses and organisations nationwide. For support and advice please contact us to find out more.

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