Chubb Protects Bury College with Innovative Technology

Nov 21, 2012


Chubb has equipped two new buildings at Bury College in Greater Manchester with sophisticated CCTV and intruder alarm technology, in order to maintain the high levels of safety and security already in place throughout the college campus facilities.

Chubb Protects Bury College with Innovative Technology
Bury College at night
Chubb Protects Bury College with Innovative Technology
Bury College aerial view.
Chubb Protects Bury College with Innovative Technology
Bury College.

A further education college offering A-level courses, vocational qualifications and apprenticeships in many subjects, Bury College has, in recent years, invested more than £40 million in its main campus on Market Street. It opened two new buildings in September, a £7million new building at the Woodbury Centre, and a new Construction Skills Centre. Keith Platts, executive director of Resources for the college, says that one of his main priorities is to ensure the security of the new buildings and the safety of students and staff:

"Chubb is responsible for monitoring, servicing and maintaining all of our current CCTV and intruder systems, which play a vital role in keeping the college secure," Platts said. "It was natural that Bury College turned to Chubb once more when it came to installing security equipment in our new facilities and integrating it successfully with our existing systems."

The college's alarms are connected to a Remote Video Response (RVR) centre, where Chubb is able to monitor the perimeters out-of-hours and contact the college's security team in the event of an incident, said Patts. "Although we monitor the internal CCTV throughout the day to maintain safety and security across the site, as well as to better understand how incidents develop. the external CCTV and intruder alarms don't really come into their own until we have locked up and gone home."

He concludes that one of the chief advantages of working with Chubb is that the company can offer a one-stop shop for almost all of the college's security system needs. "We have worked with Chubb and its sister businesses for almost 30 years, and we always specify Chubb for new installations because its products, customer service and service call-out response times are all of a very high standard. Overall, the relationship is excellent.


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