Chubb Prevents Theft at Major Fashion Brand

July 4, 2011


A CCTV system designed, installed and monitored by Chubb Fire & Security has successfully prevented the theft of potentially thousands of pounds worth of goods from the warehouse of a global fashion brand based in the East Midlands.

Chubb Prevents Theft at Major Fashion Brand
A CCTV system designed, installed and monitored by Chubb Fire & Security

The warehouse is protected by Redwall detectors and nearly 30 dome and static cameras that are in turn linked to Chubb’s remote video response centre (RVRC) in Gloucester. As the intruder approached the warehouse perimeter, he was immediately detected and live images from the cameras were transmitted to the RVRC where an operator issued a verbal challenge over a tannoy via a two-way audio link.

Keeping the suspect under surveillance, the operator ‘followed’ the intruder as he continued to move around the site, and again issued a challenge at which point the intruder fled before any damage was done or property stolen.

The Security Manager in charge of the site was impressed that a crime had been prevented and costly disruption to his business had been avoided: “We do have a guard on site,” he says, “but the remote monitoring service provided by Chubb is much better value for money and has proven very effective in preventing damage or theft from our property,” he says.

“At any one time,” he continues, “the warehouse can have in excess of 90,000 branded items in stock, and so becomes a target for criminals. We have also had some building work completed recently, and it is more likely the intruder was looking to steal building materials, especially metals, which are in short supply and therefore command a high price.”

Colin Walters, General Manager for Chubb’s RVR business, says that sites that choose to have their CCTV monitored are using the technology in the way that it is intended – to support and in many cases replace a manned guarding presence: “Technology is of course important,” he says, “but so too is the quality of the operators who handle the alarms and determine the appropriate response.

“We have so far detected nearly 40 intruders across the portfolio of sites that we protect in the first three months of this year alone, and that’s 40 occasions where the customer has not had to deal with the trauma – and the cost – of finding his property vandalised or his assets stolen.”


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