Chubb Launches New FX Generation of Fire Extinguishers

Sep 10, 2012


Chubb Fire & Security UK announces the launch of its FX range of fire extinguishers that feature an innovative quick release mechanism and an ergonomically redesigned handle, lever and hose grip. The Chubb FX range is lighter weight, easier to use and many models also offer enhanced fire ratings.

Chubb Launches New FX Generation of Fire Extinguishers
New FX Powder extinguishers in situ at a Petrol station
Chubb Launches New FX Generation of Fire Extinguishers
New FX extinguishers in situ.

“Chubb incorporated the latest research in ergonomics and aesthetics to create a lever design that improves extinguisher usability,” said Suzanne Donovan, Director, Marketing and Communications, Chubb. “The FX range meets the demands for a new generation of products that are easier to handle, lighter, more intuitive to use, and delivers the highest performance when people or property are at risk. The new design will ultimately feature throughout our family of water, foam and powder products.”

A key element of the FX extinguisher range is the high-performance engineering-grade plastics used in the handle and lever design, compared to metal. The FX range also features:

  • Increased lever length so that the handle and lever can be more comfortably compressed
  • Sufficient clearance between the handle and lever when compressed to prevent fingers from being trapped
  • Increased handle breadth to rest more comfortably within users’ palms
  • Modified handle shape for safer handling
  • Improved corrosion resistance for the handle and valve assembly

In addition to the rubber grip on the top lever, these features improve operational comfort and reduce hand slippage and the risk of wrist injury by evenly displacing weight across the user’s hand.

In terms of the safety release mechanism, the traditional pin that prevented the extinguisher from being discharged accidentally has been replaced with an easy-pull clip with arrows to show a clear direction of ‘pull’ in order to activate the extinguisher. When the clip is pulled, the word ‘USED’ then appears.

Another key feature of the new FX range is the grip on the hose to make extinguisher use more intuitive such that the user is immediately ‘guided’ to where the hose should be held.

The FX range has been designed for environmental safety and end-of-life recyclability and does not contain any materials of concern. All materials meet or exceed BS EN3 requirements, such as additional UV degradation tests and resistance to ozone and chemical substances. The FX range also complies with the British Standard Kitemark where required and the Pressure Equipment Directive (and where necessary the Marine Equipment Directive) and feature the CE mark and/or Ships Wheel. Products are manufactured in UTC’s extinguisher factory in Poland whose environmental standards has been accredited to BS EN ISO 14001.

“Thankfully, most of us will never need to use an extinguisher,” Donovan said. “But our responsibility is to ensure that if such an emergency arises, the extinguisher is easy to use, effective in performance and the best it can possibly be in preventing a small fire from becoming a major incident.”

Chubb is a leading provider of extinguishers with a proven track record in product design and innovation. Over the last 20 years, Chubb has offered innovative firefighting products including, Hydrospray, Fryfighter and Purafoam.


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