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Chubb Launches Keyholder Care – the Responsible Way to Safeguard Keyholders 24/7

England -

Chubb has introduced a new keyholder alert service to help employers protect employees who work alone or respond to activated alarms.


With the new Keyholder Care alert, an employee’s mobile phone is allocated a unique reference number and a dedicated connection to a Chubb Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). When that employee is on site, a set time period is selected for the employee to report in by or be contacted by the ARC to ensure they are safe.

If the employee fails to report in at the agreed time, an ARC operator will call the mobile device to check on the employee. If no acknowledgement of a safe return or an extension to the time window is received, the situation is immediately escalated with an emergency response.

Keyholder Care will further enhance Chubb’s intruder security and monitoring services, assisting employers in protecting their field workforce as outlined by The Health & Safety at Work Act.

“Chubb’s simple, yet highly effective Keyholder Care solution allows organisations to meet this requirement, but most importantly ensure any worker in trouble can be reached within a specified time period,” said Colin Leatherbarrow, product solutions director, Chubb Fire & Security. “This gives both the employee and employer the peace of mind that someone is watching their back and will immediately respond, should assistance be needed.”

Since Keyholder Care uses existing technology, the service is easy to implement and requires no installation costs. It can be set up within minutes and is suitable for workforces of any size, providing nationwide protection 24/7, 365 days a year.

“Chubb is committed to excellence and providing tailored preventative and responsive solutions to intruder threats, allowing employers to concentrate on running their business,” Leatherbarrow said.