Chubb Introduces Evac+Chair

Feb 17, 2006


New to Chubb Fire is the Evac+Chair, a range of single-person operation chairs to ensure the smooth and safe evacuation of disabled or otherwise physically impaired individuals from a building in the event of an emergency.

The announcement comes against a background of the law obliging employers and building managers to take responsibility for the safe and swift evacuation of every person in their building, whether they are employees, contractors or visitors. Their emergency evacuation plan must take into account the wheelchair-bound, and those with ‘hidden’ disabilities (such as asthmatics, or those suffering from arthritis, back injuries, heart conditions etc).

The Evac+Chair, which is available in two models with load capacities of 136Kg and 150Kg, is light and easy to use, and affords users a smooth and controlled descent. No lifting is required. Typically it should be sited by the emergency stairway, but without hindering the escape route.

As Suzanne Donovan, Chubb Fire’s Marketing and Communications Director explains: “We recommend positioning the chairs by each fire exit on every floor, as the person that will need to be evacuated will need to move around the building. Although the product is easy to use, we still recommend customers take advantage of training which will help the escort person to understand their role more fully, and give them confidence in the use of the chair.”

The chairs come complete with brackets for wall-fixing, dust covers and photo-luminescent sign