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Chubb France Launches Innovative Virtual Reality Fire Safety Training Programme

Blackburn, United Kingdom, England -

Chubb France is launching an innovative new virtual reality (VR) fire safety training tool to re-create fire-related situations without leaving the classroom. 

This new ‘YouRescue’ training programme, developed in conjunction with Wanadev, is the latest addition to Chubb’s existing training offering. Chubb is a part of Carrier, a leading global provider of innovative heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC), refrigeration, fire, security and building automation technologies.


Today, businesses, through their HR or security managers, want to expose their employees to the reality of fire-related incidents to underscore the importance of fire safety training and ensure a practical understanding of how to respond in such situations. The new VR training tool addresses this challenge. 

Easy to use and employing the latest innovative technologies, the YouRescue programme is made up of a 30-minute theoretical group course followed by an individual, practical VR course. For the latter, the trainees are led by an expert instructor who stands by their side during the immersive and realistic experience. In one day, two groups of 15 people can be trained, totalling 30 people. Both sessions can be completed in just 40 minutes. 

The advantages of VR training

Using a headset connected to a powerful laptop, the trainee is immersed into a realistic, three-dimensional (3D) situation. In the YouRescue “Fire at the office” training programme, the trainee is in an open space and has to extinguish a fire coming from a dustbin, a printer or an electrical cabinet.

YouRescue is also a simple-to-deliver training experience for the coach because setting up the material takes less than five minutes and can be performed in a reduced space of minimum two metres by two metres. The second part of the training, individual practice, can also be performed in the same place as the first theoretical part in a simple meeting room. It is not necessary to ask the group to move outside their offices.

The VR training allows each participant to put their theoretical course learnings into practice, which enables trainees to better retain the message. The YouRescue virtual reality scripts empower participants to take initial actions before professional help arrives. The experience also provides the participant with a score that allows them to measure their performance. This can be shared with other colleagues or simply analysed with the trainer to ensure corrective action.

This YouRescue training programme has already been used successfully by many customers such as HOP! (Groupe Air France). One maintenance worker who followed this training course in virtual reality said: “If I have to face this type of situation in the future, I’m sure I will react without apprehension, because I will feel like I’ve already lived it!” 

The project perspectives

Thanks to its national network of 45 agencies, Chubb France can provide this new training tool across France.

YouRescue was created by the technological company Wanadev, located in Lyon. This business offers innovative educational content to talented trainers in the field of enterprise safety. The development of YouRescue relies on a growing network of ambassadors such as training companies or independent trainers willing to operate their digital transformation. The scenario YouRescue “Fire at the office,” was developed in partnership with Chubb. Other innovations and scripts are underway.