Chubb Fire Wins National Community Fire Safety Award

May 29, 2005


Chubb Fire has won the prestigious Community Fire safety award at this year's Fire Expo for the work undertaken in raising the profile of fire safety in partnership with The Scout Association.

Central to the award is Chubb's sponsorship of the Scouts' Fire Safety Badge which aims to raise the awareness of fire safety to Scouts and their families across the UK by providing practical training and support/educational materials to enable them to earn their award.

To date, some 20,000 Scouts have achieved their Chubb Fire Safety Badge – which means at least 20,000 young boys and girls now have a home escape plan (using the principles of risk assessment) giving a tangible demonstration of fire safety in the community, a fact recognised by the judging panel.

“The Chubb sponsored campaign was applauded for the way it had got through to so many young people," the judges remarked. “The Scouts' Fire Safety Badge means that tens of thousands of Scouts have completed a home escape plan, but many of them have also learnt about which extinguisher is best to control different types of fire."

Natalie Spencer, Head of Partnerships at The Scout Association added: “We are delighted with the news that Chubb has won this award. The three-year sponsorship deal is having a really positive impact on our ability to actively promote and support the Fire Safety Badge and we look forward to continuing to work with Chubb over the coming months and years."

Suzanne Donovan, Chubb Fire's Head of Marketing concluded: “The Scouts' Fire Safety Badge sponsorship is a perfect fit for Chubb, and we are thrilled to be recognised for the work we have been doing in promoting the badge. More importantly it is great to see that by sponsoring the badge we have helped so many Scouts gain an understanding of the issues surrounding fire safety which could potentially save lives in the future."