Chubb Fire services alarm to keep unwanted dangers at bay

June 2, 2010


Hever Castle, the childhood home of Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII’s infamous second wife, is kept safe from the threat of fire thanks to an alarm servicing contract with Chubb Fire.

Chubb Fire services alarm to keep unwanted dangers at bay
Hever Castle exterior view towards the gatehouse and a walled bailey
Chubb Fire services alarm to keep unwanted dangers at bay
Hever Castle interior inner hall view

The oldest part of Hever Castle dates back to 1270 and consisted of the gatehouse and a walled bailey. This was converted into a manor in 1462 by Geoffrey Boleyn, adding a Tudor dwelling within the walls. The property came into the possession of Henry VIII after the death of Anne's father, Thomas Boleyn, in 1539.

Since 1983 the castle has been owned by Broadland Properties Limited, and is now an award winning tourist attraction for visitors. Most visitors are drawn for the castle history, elegant gardens, and boating lake.

Fire detection and prevention is obviously paramount in such an historically significant property, as Roland Smith, House Manager at Hever Castle comments: “We have been working with Chubb for more than 10 years, and the longevity of the contract so far is mainly down to the professional, helpful and knowledgeable service from its engineers. We look forward to working with Chubb for many years to come.”
The annual servicing of the fire alarm is carried out across two days, with thorough checks on alarm panels in the moat restaurant, the reception hall and in the clock tower.

Jane Garland, Marketing Communications Manager at Chubb Fire adds: “Chubb Fire is proud to be part of the fire detection solution in many period and historical homes in the UK. Fire can spread incredibly quickly in buildings like Hever Castle due to the amount of timber, so it is imperative that any signs of fire are detected and acted upon very quickly.”

Fire alarm servicing is not only a legal and insurance requirement, it also ensures the maximum component life and results in lower system downtime. Servicing also reduces the risk of false alarms, which can save money and business disruption, as well as protecting response levels from the emergency service. Chubb Fire has a 24 hour emergency cover included.


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