Chubb Fire Receives award For Its Commitment to the Environment

June 8, 2007


Chubb Fire has won a Major Commendation in the Business Commitment to the Environment (BCE) Awards for its work in recycling fire extinguishers at its dedicated Extinguisher Recycling Unit in Birmingham.

The BCE Environmental Leadership Awards, established in 1975, are said to be the world’s oldest environmental awards with over 30 years’ history of showcasing environmental excellence, and the hardest to win. They recognise outstanding environmental excellence and the scheme is run by business for business and sponsored by AEA.  They are open to companies of any size and sector and are aimed at businesses that can demonstrate commitment to the environment, over and above statutory requirements. Chubb Fire is one of only 13 companies to win an award from nearly 100 applicants.

In support of the Awards and what they stand for, Secretary of State for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, David Milband, who presented the Awards said: “It is critical for businesses to show leadership and I think the opportunity for business is to push the boundaries of what seems possible. The businesses that have won awards today are examples that I will use to persuade others in the UK and internationally that addressing climate change does not damage competitiveness.”

The Chubb Fire Extinguisher Recycling Unit is believed to be the largest in Europe and the only facility of its kind in the UK. Currently over 95% by weight of all extinguishers returned to Chubb Fire are recycled. In the last 12 months Chubb Fire has processed more than 640,000 litres of liquid and responsibly disposed of over 1000 tons of fire fighting powder that used to go to landfill. Chubb Fire now processes over 12,000 extinguishers every week.

The materials that are reprocessed, or made available for recycling, include: steel and aluminium extinguisher bodies; brass valves; plastics (both components and packaging); contents of powder extinguishers; extinguisher hoses; and cardboard.

“The Environmental Leadership Awards are acknowledged and respected by both business and government so we are delighted to receive recognition for our environmental efforts and we hope that other businesses will follow our example,” says Philippe Mauguy, Chubb Fire’s Managing Director. “The Awards are the only nationwide UK awards open to all sectors and technologies acting as a feeder to the biennial European Environmental Awards.”

Notes to editors

The Co-operative won the top BCE environmental ‘Peter Parker’ award at a ceremony presented by Sir Anthony Cleaver and David Miliband. The Co-operative Group is amongst the world's leading businesses in response to global climate change, it plays an integral part of its approach to sustainability. It has reduced operational CO2 emissions by 86% and green electricity covers 98% of its electricity supply – 680 GWh/year.  In addition, the Co-operative Bank's Ethical Policy states: "we will not invest in any business whose core activity contributes to climate change, through the extraction or production of fossil fuels". It offers a green mortgage package, encourages customers to lobby for reducing CO2 and is investing £1.5M in solar panels for schools at no cost to the school.  To promote awareness internally of climate change it hired a cinema for staff to see “An Inconvenient Truth” by Al Gore.

The call for next years Awards is now open so companies with an innovative process product or management system that demonstrate environmental excellence can enter the 2008 Awards.  The closing date is 5th October 2007.  Visit the web-site for details.