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Sep 24, 2009


Miri Betinova has her company to thank for helping her to finish a BA (Hons) degree in Business Studies with Marketing from Thames Valley University.

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Miri is a Regional Tender Response Coordinator based at Chubb Fire's Sunbury Headquarters. She studied towards the degree part time over three years through the University's part time learning programme, supported by UTC's Employee Scholarship Programme (ESP).

"I started the degree before I joined the company, and had already completed the first year upon arrival," says Miri. "When I found out about the ESP scheme I signed up, and am very grateful for the excellent support it provided, not only in covering the cost of course fees and study materials, but also in allowing for study time.

"Since many of the modules related to real-life working practices, such as finance, it was a great boost to be able to get help and advice from the relevant Chubb Fire team to help see how some of the lessons are put into practice at a practical level. "It was a lot of hard work and a big commitment, but I'm delighted to have graduated and would definitely recommend it to others considering further education. I'm now looking to complete a post-graduate degree also through Thames Valley University," she says.

Jane Garland, Chubb Fire's Marketing and Communications Manager said, "Congratulations to Miri for completing this course. It takes a great deal of hard work and dedication to successfully complete a degree while working full time, and we are pleased to reward this hard work with some well-deserved shares. "As a leading provider of Fire solutions, we are committed to excellence in all that we do, the Employee Scholarship Programme demonstrates this commitment to our employees in equipping them with all the necessary skills to succeed."

Under the programme, which is open to all employees, Chubb Fire's parent company, UTC, pays for all tuition, books and academic fees, and rewards graduating employees with UTC shares or share options. Employees can choose any field of study, not necessarily job related, provided that a nationally recognised institution is offering the degree course.

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