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Chubb Community Care Extends Offerings into Scandinavia

Aug 22, 2016


Chubb Community Care, a leading provider of technologies and solutions to support independent living, has entered into  an agreement with Norwegian-based assistive equipment supplier, HEPRO, to provide a full range of independent living solutions in Norway, Sweden and Finland.

Through the agreement, Chubb Community Care will provide HEPRO with its existing offering of home and mobile technology enabled care solutions (TECS), nursing home and extra care solutions, while HEPRO will provide its existing local knowledge, and trusted service offering.

“The new agreement allows Chubb Community Care to offer its industry-leading technology in one convenient and flexible platform,” said David Hammond, general manager, Chubb Community Care.

“We’re extremely pleased to be working with HEPRO and they have well-established and highly regarded experience, especially with local homecare and assisted living providers,” said Hammond. “And, as such, this agreement is well placed to deliver a tailored person-centred welfare solution.”

The agreement has had its first commercial success with a project win to install the new Chubb® Care Call in seven municipalities throughout Norway. The system enables residents to communicate quickly, clearly and securely with on-site and remote staff, as well as off-site monitoring centres.

Kurt Kristoffersen, CEO, HEPRO, said the products and solutions are carefully designed with the ultimate aim of making users’ lives easier: “The solutions give greater independence to those requiring additional care, either at home or in assisted living accommodation. By working with Chubb we are able to extend the offering and give greater independence to those requiring additional care, either at home or in assisted living accommodation.”

HEPRO develops, produces and sells high-quality technical aids. It was established in 1987 and is based in Rognan in Nordland, Norway.