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Chubb Secures Future in Scotland

BLACKBURN, England -


Our General Manager for Scotland John Stewart believes “The future of Chubb in Scotland is bright”.

It’s easy to see why Chubb is a trusted brand on a global scale — from its two-century-old roots as the innovators of the padlock to becoming one of the world’s best-known providers of fire safety and security solutions. Chubb lives by the ethos of making the world a safer place through a range of systems, solutions, services and equipment that adapt to today’s business challenges. Maintaining global coverage can sometimes be a challenge, especially when growth depends on keeping brand visibility while maintaining focus on growing our customer base. Scotland is an outstanding example of this; it covers a third of Great Britain, has vast remote areas, and is surrounded by islands.

A Scottish household name since 1881 
Despite the remoteness of the country, our presence in Scotland dates back to 1881, when two Scottish engineers – Read & Campbell invented the cartridge-operated extinguisher. Chubb has grown to become one of the leading fire-safety and security solutions provider in the country and each of its far-reaching communities. Chubb continuously keeps its finger firmly on the pulse of change, adapting quickly to customers demand and technology advancements. The future of Chubb in Scotland is bright.

The business has worked hard to tap into the Scottish market, and I am thrilled to have been a big part of this - as a former engineering apprentice born and bred in North Lanarkshire, I’m well-placed to work on increasing Chubb’s visibility in Scotland, in particular the provision of its remote service capabilities. Chubb’s suite of Remote and Connected services allows us to monitor and control both fire and security systems by undertaking diagnostics and corrective action thereby minimising the need for on-site staff. This is a such progressive step forward to ensuring compliance and minimising systems downtime, which provides extra confidence to our customers trading from remote Scottish locations and islands and those with multi-site operations.

Chubb isn’t an unknown force in Scotland, far from it. In fact, we are fully established and embedded into the very fibre of Scotland. My focus is a more holistic project: to build on the underlying strength of the existing operations by creating awareness of our ever-growing offerings. A linchpin of sustainable, profitable growth through key strategic areas will cement Chubb as the leader in the competitive market whilst offering support to our local communities through youth employment, apprenticeships, training, and community engagement will strengthen the foundation of trust already in place.

A local team with local expertise, backed- up by global know-how 
I feel honoured to be at the helm of the business in Scotland, leading an incredible team, all of whom share my level of commitment and have the same focus — to bolster awareness of Chubb’s capabilities in Scotland, and to build on its reputation as a global organisation with over 200 years of experience.

We each have a shared mission to grow Chubb in the Scottish market, educating potential customers about the benefits of an end-to-end service that runs from design to maintenance in every industry – from healthcare to hospitality; distilleries to data centres; castles to caravan parks; and including public buildings, local authority sites, and even a major vaccine manufacturing facility; playing a pivotal role in literally saving lives. 

We have a real depth of expertise and knowledge in our people, and the confidence this brings to our customers is second to none. When you couple that level of expertise and commitment with our heritage, it’s clear to see why Chubb has remained the leading fire and security provider for customers across so many sectors for so many years. And for that, I thank my team for the part they play in making Chubb the trusted partner of choice for so many valued clients.


John Stewart - General Manager, Scotland