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Celebrating 20 Years of Employee Loyalty and Success

Blackburn, England -

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At Chubb we believe something can only be achieved when we all work together, pulling in the same direction and with a strong team spirit. We call this the Chubb spirit that is part of our people’s DNA. It not only demonstrates employee loyalty, but it empowers our people to deliver excellent results and this why we celebrate moments that matter for our people. 

This month we focus on Justin Singleton-Campbell, Operations Director for Fire Systems, who celebrates a noteworthy 20 years of service.

Below, Justin shares his journey with us and includes, how Chubb supported his career and development, the milestones and some of his memories. 

How did you come to work for Chubb? 

From a young age, I loved music and started playing the piano, then later pipe organ and keyboards. I played at weddings, gigs and festivals. When I was 18, I studied both electronics and also composed for TV and film at university. I finally ended up working as an electronics R&D engineer for military aviation systems. One of my fellow band members informed me of a job at a nuclear site and that’s how my career in the fire industry begun. I joined a team of classified nuclear fire protection engineers. Chubb won a significant nuclear contract and needed someone with a radiological background - I believe they thought they had found their own Homer Simpson! 

How has your role evolved over the years? 

I started as a senior site engineer and was promoted to Regional Manager for the South West and South Wales. We opened local branches in those areas, and I became an Operations Manager in Plymouth. My background was in electronics and electrical systems but as part of that role I had responsibility for the extinguisher, as well as the alarm engineers. Eventually, I became a Regional Operations Manager for the South West and South East of England and then went on to become a National Operations Manager. I’m now the Operations Director for Fire Systems UK, which is a far cry from my beginnings as a professional musician! 

What do you consider your most significant milestone?

There are several milestones in my career. The first was being sponsored by Chubb in completing a management degree. Secondly, being appointed as a Director after so many years of being a sounding board for others. I am empowered to support our teams in shaping the business for the future which is a true privilege. In my younger days, I always assumed that the direction of the company was shaped exclusively by Directors. However, over the years I have learned that every member of the team is as important in defining what Chubb is and becomes. Chubb is the combined commitment and hard work of every one of us – we are Chubb. Thirdly, 2020 was a significant milestone as COVID-19 brought about unprecedented challenges which coincided with my interim appointment as Director for Fire Systems UK. To see a business grow organically in the middle of a pandemic was remarkable. Our teams led the way in providing critical services for our customers, with enhanced PPE and risk assessments - facing unprecedented operational challenges. It was an honour to lead the team and to see the Chubb spirit flourish in every individual. 

How has Chubb supported you over the years?

Many organisations may look externally when recruiting for senior roles. Chubb invests in people’s professional development and growth, so we are constantly looking at promoting ‘home-grown’ talent. I'm a classic example of this practice. 

From your experience at Chubb, what piece of advice would you give to someone new?

My advice would be that teamwork, collaboration and pulling in the same direction trumps any individual gain. I'm very fortunate to have a team that lives by these behaviours every single day - it also helps us to engender an inclusive culture. 

Are there any individuals you would like to thank or memories you would like to share? 

There have been numerous people over the years but the most influential in my career was Tony Houghton. Tony was an Operations Director at Chubb, the role that I'm in now. He taught me that leadership was achieved not just by demonstrating your competence or confidence in your subject matter, but through the ability to recognise the importance of every member of your team and to lead with true integrity. Such principles bring about respect and loyalty which is beyond value. 

The whole ethos of success for Chubb or for any company is that you work as a team. One individual can't make things happen on their own. I didn't make it to this position, or indeed through the last 20-years on my own - I have had a phenomenal team around me. 

People have asked me over the years why are you still working for Chubb? My answer is simple – we have great people, who achieve great things every day.