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Chubb apprentice recognised at 2021 Tech Industry Awards

Blackburn, England -


Chubb is proud to announce that Divya Hansora was named a runner-up at the 2021 Tech Industry Gold Degree Apprenticeship Awards in the Business Contribution category yesterday.

These awards recognise the fantastic contribution digital degree apprenticeships make to building the future for individuals and organisations with awards being given in three categories: business contribution, innovation and special development.

Divya, a graduate from the University of West London, was nominated for her business contribution to Chubb over the last three years. Initially, Divya took on a support role helping the sales and engineering teams with CRM and mobility support. She quickly built a reputation for excellent customer service and a reliable contact for engineers’ enquiries.

Upon receiving the award, Divya said: “I was delighted to be nominated for this award and thrilled to be a runner up. This is a huge achievement bearing in mind this is a nationwide award and there were 100’s of nominations from universities across the UK.”

Jeremy Williams, Chubb’s Digital Technology Director for UK and Ireland said: “Throughout her time at Chubb, Divya has demonstrated great work ethic. She’s a quick learner and always positive and willing to help. One of the most telling outcomes of this is that she is recognised as a valued and trusted member of the Digital Technology team and I honestly don’t think that many people within Chubb realise that she is an apprentice. Thank you Divya for your support and continued hard work.”

Chubb's Apprenticeship Scheme dates back to the '90s, when they enrolled their first apprentices at Bolton College. Since then, they have taken over 500 field apprentices in Fire or Security Engineering, and more recently widened their scheme to include IT, Finance, Business Administration, and degree apprentices.

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