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CCTV and Healthy Buildings: Enhancing building security and surface hygiene amid the COVID-19 pandemic


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COVID-19 will continue to have long term impacts on the security industry as we see many buildings, once bustling with activity, stand empty. The truth is that empty buildings are vulnerable buildings.
Amid the pandemic, perceived normal practices have been called in to question. Everyday tasks such as opening public doors or turning lights on have cross-contamination implications. As we begin to think about how a return to normality may look, Graeme Heanan, Director of Security and Fire at Chubb, discusses why choosing the right security solution can save money, time and your reputation.

Vacant buildings: What are the statistics?

Buildings without adequate security can quickly fall victim to squatting, vandalism, burglary and anti-social behaviour. Traditional security is an ongoing cost and social distancing regulations can further complicate matters. A report by Statista states the global video surveillance market is on course to be worth just over $65 billion by 2023. According to research, infrastructure and commercial sectors had the biggest market share and an article in The Times suggested data shows that anti-social behaviour increased during lockdown; a concern for anyone managing a property.

Healthy Buildings: COVID secure workplace and public building guidance

In the age of COVID-19, security isn’t the only concern. Healthy buildings for 2021 and beyond are crucial. Social distancing in the workplace provides challenges, but even with robust guidance, further measures are required to stop the spread of COVID-19. Most businesses will be well versed in creating a healthier workplace. Following public building guidance is key; but what will be at the forefront of the public’s expectations post-pandemic?
Tracking infections will continue to be prioritised. Our security and CCTV systems don’t end with building security. Our smart integrated access control system makes infection control an easier process. The system works using Bluetooth technology and each digital badge holder monitors close contacts across the workplace. Much like we have seen with tracing apps in restaurants, when a contact is identified to have COVID-19, exposure reporting is activated. This is secure and anonymous, enabling building managers to maintain visitor confidentiality. Building trust with the public returning to shared spaces is key to the UK’s economic recovery.
In a pre-COVID-19 world, many didn’t think twice before touching communal doors or switches, but the pandemic has forced building owners to pay closer attention to surface hygiene. In addition to robust cleaning, we’re seeing an increase in the use of contactless features. Bluetooth readers can be used to open doors and facial recognition marries both security and surface hygiene. A user is recognised entering a building and the smart system then opens doors without the need for touch.
What are the benefits of CCTV and smart buildings?

CCTV systems come in a variety of options, from systems that cover a small area to complete security solutions for larger sites. The benefits of CCTV are plentiful. The need to track the movement of people while remaining sensitive to data throughout the pandemic requires advanced solutions. Body temperature monitoring using thermal cameras can be used to quickly identify building occupants who may have virus symptoms. Occupancy control can also be used to disperse groups as social distancing continues. For events or large workspaces, this kind of technology could be key to resuming pre-pandemic life while also giving visitors confidence.
Security and access control systems can create a blueprint of building usage, understanding who is in the property and when. Responding to how a building is used is key to directing resources effectively and ensuring optimum user experience. CCTV is not just for emergency incidents, as our smart temperature monitoring camera systems can also help manage a safe return to the office or workspace in a post-pandemic era.
How to choose the right security solution

Inadequate building security can be a waste of time and money. Chubb offers integrated bespoke solutions. We consider the size of your building, its usage and the CCTV camera features you may need. We look at the quality of the image produced by your security system, and how the CCTV will be monitored. Planning ahead is key − we strongly recommend considering heat mapping and healthy building technology. This will futureproof your building in the ongoing fight against COVID-19 and will provide a strong foundation for how public spaces will look in the future.
At Chubb, we offer a complete security service. Whether it’s an integrated solution including touchless access control or analytic cameras and CCTV for optimum security. Intelligent analytic cameras can be set to follow a ‘rule’ where an alert is given to the controller should the camera spot something the building owner wants to be made aware of. This may be a certain number of people gathered in one place or a known criminal wearing a specific clothing item. We’ll consider if this may be a challenge for your business.
Legislation and regulations can also affect the security system buying process. Our CCTV installation team will advise on all aspects of choosing your solution. In addition, we provide security maintenance and monitoring, protecting your property and giving you complete peace of mind.
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