When it comes to safety, emergency action planning is essential for evacuating a location effectively. Indeed, an evacuation plan and general preparedness provide excellent peace of mind for building occupants. It also ensures that a location remains compliant with BS 8629 recommendations, which is crucial for tall buildings specifically. So, here’s how Evacuation Planning helps you

Why do I need an Evacuation Plan?

Of course, safety and compliance are the two biggest motivators when it comes to evacuation planning. But the changing nature of many emergencies, as well as unique building design, means that bespoke solutions should be developed to best protect people. And, in the wake of Grenfell and its subsequent inquiry recommendations, the need for tailor-made emergency planning simply cannot be greater.

All high-rise buildings are expected to develop their own evacuation plans. The multiple floors, the requirement to evacuate greater numbers of people, and issues of alerting and coordinating these individuals present their own challenges. Thus, an effective solution must be created.

What are the essentials of Emergency Planning?

Emergency action plans require the following:

  1. Fire Prevention Methods
  2. Devices to Detect Potential Dangers
  3. Methods to Contain and Suppress Fires
  4. An Early Warning Evacuation Alert System 
  5. Clear and concise evacuation rules, orders, and procedures
  6. Occupant knowledge of the instructions
  7. Adequate exit routes and alternative Escape Options to avoid danger

How important is an Evacuation Alert System?

For both emergency preparedness and compliance to building guidance, an evacuation alert system is vital. This is especially important for high-rise properties, as these can be subject to vulnerabilities such as fire-related issues.

Evacuation Planning with Chubb Our alert system

Our alert system significantly enhances your evacuation planning. It’s designed to be fully BS 8629 compliant, allowing you to be ahead of the curve both in the present and in the event of future regulation changes. Moreover, our evacuation alerts can integrate with existing fire alarm systems and have the ability to alert specific floors to potential danger in high rise buildings. 

Overall, it means that you can Evacuate Safely and Efficiently, making the task for emergency services more straightforward. 

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