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High Rise Evacuation Alert System

The Chubb Evacuation Alert System provides safety, security and peace of mind for proprietors and residents of high-rise buildings. Our system is designed to warn and notify people inside tall buildings it is necessary to evacuate the dwelling in case of a fire

An alert system is now strongly recommended by EACIE (Evacuation Alert Control & Indicating Equipment) for flats and tall buildings with a storey located at a height of 18 metres or more. This guidance is mandatory in Scotland. The EACIE is instructed to operate in complete independence of fire detection systems and supports the evacuation strategies escalation by the fire and rescue service. 

Our Evacuation Alert System is the simple method to ensure you’re covering the BS 8629 Code of Practice recommendations.

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Why is it important to have an Evacuation Alert System?

Firstly, to ensure you’re compliant with the guidance, whether mandatory or otherwise, especially for high rise buildings that are subject to vulnerabilities, fire or fire-related issues. Over time, rules can change so it is critical to stay ahead of the curve.

Secondly, ensuring you have provided a high level of preparation by installing a tested Chubb Evacuation Alert System will mean residents of the building will be far more likely to feel safe in their surroundings. An evacuation alert and alarm system for tall buildings with flats are commonplace for most buildings; they are becoming an expected aspect of a fire evacuation strategy.

How easy is using an Evacuation Alert System?

Our system is built using the same technology products used by existing fire alarm systems found in tall buildings whether they’re a wired, wireless or a hybrid model.

The interface of our alarm system is designed to comply with the operational recommendations of BS 8629, which also included appearance and functionality. This gives you absolute security along with the knowledge that you’re using proven technology to protect both property and people. It’s simple and easy to use as the system features manual controls such as toggle switches and LED indications with fire and rescue teams in mind. This means in the event of an emergency, evacuation zone status, as well as implementing strategies, are made as straightforward as possible.

Chubb has also safeguarded against the risk of unauthorised entry to each evacuation alert panel, housing it within a STS 205 security-rated enclosure and patented BS EN 1203-compliant lock and key mechanism. This ensures access exclusively for the fire and rescue team.

For full details of the system, how it works and technical information download our eBook.

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