All employers have a legal duty to assess potential risks in the workplace to ensure the health and safety of all building occupants*. Where eradicating all risks is not an achievable goal, reducing risks is achievable with the assistance of tailored technologies and procedures that help identify and prevent known risks from occurring.

At Chubb we have created a Risk Assessment Tool that enables customers to identify known hazards and the level of risk they pose, so they can self-diagnose the most appropriate technologies and procedures to mitigate those risks.

With a comprehensive portfolio of technologies and procedures, our Risk Assessment Tool is designed to assist you in selecting the most appropriate combination of risk mitigation technologies, regardless of your building type.

Why use our Risk Assessment Tool?

  • Safer environment – it can assist you in identifying potential hazards
  • Responsible – it can help you select appropriate technology to mitigate known risks
  • Technological expertise – we can provide you with proven technologies and procedures
  • Scalable – the technologies are adaptable and scalable, based on your premises size
  • Smart reporting – our enriched reporting of data includes live alerts on sites, allowing you to exceed set risk parameters
  • Compliance – it supports your Health & Safety processes and procedures to comply with government recommendations
  • Reassurance – putting procedures in place can provide invaluable reassurance to staff, visitors and customers.