Put simply, facial recognition software is a matching tool. The technology maps facial features from a photograph or video and compares that information with a directory of known faces to find a recognised match.

At Chubb our technological experts have designed our Facial Recognition software to grow with your organisation. It can be used on its own or integrated with our Facial Detection software to offer the ultimate security package.

Why use our Facial Recognition software?

  • Time & Attendance – it replaces the outdated ‘clock in/clock out’ systems with a reliable method of logging staff entering and leaving a premises, helping streamline your payroll process.

  • Track & Trace – it allows you to determine the current and past locations of a person. For instance, if an employee reports a positive COVID-19 test, the software can quickly and easily cross-reference the employees who had contact with that individual.

  • Know & Recognise – a directory of known individuals can be uploaded and monitored. For instance, individuals with a history of antisocial behaviour can be input into the system to flag when they enter the building.

  • Safety & Security – it can provide alerts when unregistered individuals enter controlled zones. This level of safety and security is increasingly expected in education settings such as schools and colleges, in public facilities such as courts, hospitals and airports and in clinical settings such as laboratories.