Essentially, facial detection software is a learning tool. The technology allows organisations to find out more about individuals who were previously not known to them. At Chubb our technological experts have designed our Facial Detection software to grow with your organisation. It can be used on its own or integrated with our Facial Recognition software to offer the ultimate security package.

Why use our Facial Detection software?

  • Trace vulnerable people – it can identify and highlight the whereabouts of a missing person and instantly trace their movements, providing a time-specific log of their journey taken

  • Clever matching – it can be configured to trigger a facial match, even when an individual is wearing sunglasses or a surgical mask

  • Monitor behaviour patterns – it can be programmed to flag up a selection of suspicious behaviour patterns. For instance, one person making numerous visits to the same store in one day, or one person making numerous visits to local stores in the same chain in a short time period

  • Buyer insight – it can identify the demographics and behaviour patterns of buyers, providing businesses with invaluable insight they can use to tailor their offering and deliver an enhanced shopping experience, and ultimately, generate increased sales!