Temperature monitoring solutions

Thermal detection systems can often be set up at border crossings, such as airports, and sea ports, and in public places, such as shopping centres and hospitals, to check people for a high fever which can sometimes be an indicator of serious illnesses such as Ebola, SARS or more recently COVID-19.

Body temperature detection that minimises infection risk in buildings

Our non-invasive, contactless or hand-held thermal camera solutions are ideal for deployment at controlled entrances to areas and facilities where initial skin temperature scanning is needed for staff and visitors.

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The Chubb service includes:

  • Engineer site visit to set up and commission
  • All connectivity cables, system calibration and commissioning (for systems)
  • 12 month warranty
  • Service and maintenance

DISCLAIMER: Please note the thermal detection equipment we offer provides preliminary temperature screening and are not medical devices. The equipment is able to identify individuals that indicate a higher than average temperature but is not capable of identifying individuals suffering other symptoms of any illness. Elevated body temperatures may result from a number of factors, including those related to the environment, activity or other elements affecting the individual. Chubb makes no claims regarding the accuracy or effectiveness in the diagnosis of any medical state, symptom, illness or condition.

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