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Our ambition is to become net-zero by 2050

We have been protecting our customers' world since 1818 with the invention of the detector lock when the rise of the modern city and greater density of people, increased crime. Today, our end-to-end fire safety, security solutions and connected services provide the ultimate protection for people, buildings and assets. 

We deliver this purpose considering the social and environmental impacts across everything we do, whilst committing to conduct business responsibly through robust levels of functional governance. Our sustainability initiatives centre on reducing environmental impact to zero whilst driving a more equitable and inclusive workforce.

Our goal is to reduce total Greenhouse Gas emissions in line with a below 2oC future by 2030.

Our sustainability goals

“Sustainability has always been inherent to our company and is a key component of our values and an essential element in our business strategy. It is in keeping with those tenets and our embrace of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that I am incredibly proud this year to set a net-zero greenhouse gas emissions commitment that includes our entire value chain. 

Our people, innovative technology and customer service excellence are at the centre of our success. We are choosing to play a crucial role by contributing to a Future Protected in the communities we are privileged to serve.”

Our sustainability targets

  • 65% reduction in emissions across all fleet by 2030 (Scope 1)
  • >50% reduction in GHG by 2030 (Scope 2)
  • 100% elimination of non-recyclable materials in our products and packaging by 2030 (Scope 3)

Our sustainability focus areas

Protecting the Environment
We aspire to be Net Carbon Zero by 2050. Using 2019 as our baseline, our immediate carbon reduction programme is to reduce GHG by 65% over the decade between 2020-2030. 
  • Our Scope 1 emissions are calculated in kg CO2e produced from direct consumption of fossil fuels inclusive of gas, and fuel usage of our fleet vehicles.
  • Our Scope 2 emissions are calculated through energy usage through our offices properties.
  • Our Scope 3 emissions are calculated through indirect resources such as water consumption, travel and accommodation.
Nurturing our People
Our vision is to become the world’s number one ‘People First’ company. We’re working hard to become a more inclusive company in the way we do business, both through partnerships and the external suppliers and vendors we choose to work with. Internally, we want Chubb to be a workplace where everyone can feel a sense of belonging and thrive. We’ve made good progress – delivering a new Building Great Leaders training that defines leadership as “purposeful behaviours that positively influence our own success and the success of others” and now, we all have the opportunity to become leaders. Through great leadership, we will make Chubb an even better and stronger business.
Responsible Business Conduct
We are committed to the highest standards of ethics and compliance. This commitment is reflected in the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics (“Code”) of our parent company, APi Group Corporation. This Code goes beyond what is required by the law and reflects our core values. The Code is the foundation for everything we do, driving us to act in a manner consistent with the highest standards of business ethics. In so doing, we promote both our products and values everywhere we do business, giving us a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

More on our sustainability commitments

Our sustainability journey takes in our corporate social responsibilities and captures the essence of what is needed, to slow down the impact of climate change. 

The ebook below provides an overview of what our UK Fire & Security business is doing to protect the environment, nurture our people, and conduct business responsibly.