Providing the confidence to verify a real fire or intruder.

Determining whether an alarm is genuine or false trigger is always a problem, especially after office hours when all staffs are back home. To avoid having your staff making an unnecessary trip back to office to attend to a false alarm, Chubb has launched our Video Verification Program to assist you.

For customer who subscribes to this program, video footage from selected cameras within your premises will be automatically streamed to our monitoring center officer upon receiving either the fire or intrusion alarm. Our officer will be able to verify the alarms via the video stream and take corresponding action such as contacting the relevant keyholder or responsible officer of your premises. Our Incident Management System ensures our officers respond to incident in accordance to your pre-defined SOPs as well as event escalation according to your command channel.  Incident investigation will be at ease with video recording and snapshots of the incidents. To better empower you to make timely decision, we have an add on option to push the incident video clip to your mobile device.

This program does not require heavy investment on your part. We offer the flexibility of using your existing CCTV cameras. Alternatively, if you wish to have a new set of CCTV cameras, we have worry free leasing program which includes the supply, installation of all hardware as well as comprehensive maintenance throughout the lease period.

Do not hesitate further. To better protect your asset, do contact our sales representative by sending your query to [email protected]