To help you maximize your security investments, Chubb offers a selection of packaged services which include alarm monitoring, fire decam and video monitoring that meets any security requirements. Combining our strengths in manned guarding and response services with electronic monitoring services, we can help you reap the full benefits of your security system’s capabilities.

Direct Lease Line

Security alarm signal transmits via physical cable from monitoring site back to Chubb CMS.

Leased Line works in the way that one side of the cable is connected to the transmitter equipment at customer’s place (monitoring site) and the other side is connected to Chubb CMS receiver equipment. The transmitter and receiver are always connected and ready to transmit and receive alarm signal at all times.

Wireless Alarm

In the event of alarm activation, Chubb's simple yet highly effective wireless alarm solution alerts Chubb Central Monitoring Station to check on the affected monitored premises immediately.

Easy to set up and readily operational, the wireless alarm application which rely on radio frequencies, is a low cost and quick deployment solution for total asset and lives protection.

Direct Dialing / PTSN (public switching telephone network)

Providing an immediate first response for alarm verification, Direct Dialing works by sending signals directly to Chubb Central Monitoring Station upon detection of intrusion of your premises.Only upon verification will the relevant authorities and agencies be contacted for emergency response.

With this solution, you are assured of peace-of-mind that emergencies will be dealt with effectively and efficiently.