The restricted profile key blank is a registered design key profile, which is licensed to registered locksmiths and is not available at any unauthorised key cutting facility.

Due to the restricted profile key's shape and size, it cannot be duplicated on any other key blank, giving total control over the number of keys issued and therefore complete control over who has access to your locks. Often this can be achieved without changing the entire lock, just installing a new cylinder or barrel.

On setting up your key system, nominated approved signatories are captured for authorising changes and purchasing additional keys. All signatures are verified prior to any changes to the system. Restricted Profile key systems are ideal for master key systems where full control over access levels is required.

Chubb maintains accurate electronic records on any authorised changes to your key system including number and date of any keys issued or locks changed. Chubb manages thousands of systems nationally for clients who require full control over key access to their business premises. Chubb has various options of restricted and secure profiles available ranging from inline six pin profiles from the major lock manufacturers to the high security BiLock system.

Key control systems

Do you know who has which set of keys? Do your staff need to take keys home? Did the maintenance subcontractor return the site keys?

Chubb has a range of key control systems from basic twenty key cabinets to the KeyWatcher® electronic control unit with management software, giving control over the use of keys.

These intelligent cabinets keep keys secure when not in use. Utilising steel construction and intelligent software, these electronic key cabinets control access and can be programmed with notification rules around late key return or forced entry, along with a detailed audit trail.

The KeyWatcher® system that is a modular, scalable integrated key control and management solution that’s designed for interoperability with access control and other systems. Access to the electronic key cabinet and to individual keys is under your control.

Keywatcher® is ideal for:

  • Airports
  • Prisons
  • Data centres
  • Education - schools and universities
  • Fleet management
  • Gaming
  • Government and military
  • Hotels
  • Municipal buildings

KeyWatcher® sounds an alarm if:

  • A user tries to gain access to or dislodge a key with force
  • An invalid user code is entered three times consecutively (systems go into an automatic alert mode and lock down for four minutes)
  • The door is left open for more than 10 seconds after use
  • A key is missing or not returned on time
  • There is a power failure
  • A key is returned by the wrong user
  • A user forces the cabinet doors open

KeyWatcher® is a registered trademark of Morse Watchmans and Chubb New Zealand is an approved distributor of this product.