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Fire blanket


Small cooking fires can rapidly escalate out of control and into life threatening fire emergencies. A fire blanket is an essential item to have in your home kitchen, caravan or boat. Chubb’s range of high quality fire blankets are designed to extinguish small stovetop fires caused by cooking fats and oils, as well as small clothing fires.

Features of Chubb fire blankets

  • Certified to Australian/New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 3504
  • Made from woven fibreglass fire resistant fabric
  • Handy storage pouch with quick release tabs
  • Easily mounted on the back of doors and inside cupboards
  • 2 year warranty

Tips for using Chubb fire blankets

  • Always place a fire blanket carefully over a cooking fire (do not throw).
  • Ensure the heat source is turned off once the blanket is over the flames.
  • Do not remove or touch the fire blanket until completely cool.
  • Never reuse a fire blanket. They are for single use only.
  • In case of a clothing fire, wrap the fire blanket around the person and roll them onto the ground.
  • Do not use a fire blanket on electrical fires.
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