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Remote Video Response

Chubb's Remote Video Response service allows our monitoring centre operators to remotely connect to your site's surveillance system and provide an informed, appropriate and cost-effective response based on their observations.

How remote video response (RVR) works in an emergency

Alarm panel activations are sent to the Chubb Monitoring Centre which initiate live video response.


The customer site is remotely accessed and the live video images from the site are viewed by Chubb.


Our operators view the images  received and decide on the appropriate course of action.

Intruder alarm verification

Alarms generated alarms will be responded to by initiating a connection to your premises’ video system.  Our operators will view live video and based on what they observe will make an informed decision on further actions. For instance if a crime is in progress was observed the Police can be contacted immediately.

Remote video escort

Our monitoring centre operators will connect to the premises video system when requested by a customer to remotely supervise specific high risk activities such as lone workers entering or leaving the premises, deliveries of cash or valuable goods.

Remote video patrol

Our monitoring operators will connect to the premises video system at routine scheduled times and view the live video from each camera to identify if there is any irregular activity onsite. This is a cost effective alternative or addition to guard based manpower.

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