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Chubb service and maintenance

We strive to deliver on time service for every customer every time. We have invested in leading field service technology to make it easy for customers to do business with us. As one of New Zealand’s best known fire and security companies, Chubb takes protecting your assets, staff, visitors and customers as seriously as you do.

Having regular service and a preventative maintenance program in place for your security equipment is essential for ensuring your system works when you need it most – in an emergency. 

  • Experienced and licenced technicians
  • A range of service plans
  • Professional advice
  • Wide geographic service coverage
There are many benefits to having a service plan
Peace of mind and minimal disruptions to your business operations
Minimise the running costs over the life of your system
Keep your security system in optimum running order
Reduction of non-genuine alarms
Insurance requirements
Effective alarm response
Peace of mind and minimal disruptions to your business operations
Are you confident that your security system will work when you need it the most? Regular scheduled service and maintenance on your security system will provide peace of mind. System breakdowns can halt business operations and potentially cost your business valuable time and money. Regular service and maintenance will reduce the risk of breakdowns.
Minimise the running costs over the life of your system
A preventative maintenance plan will minimise the long term running costs of your system by identifying problems in their early stages. This can effectively reduce the number of ad-hoc service calls, saving valuable time and money.
Keep your security system in optimum running order
Over time the performance of your security equipment can change due to a range of factors including environmental conditions, general wear, vandalism, building alterations and operational changes within your organisation. Regular preventative maintenance can help diagnose possible shortcomings and highlight the risks before it’s too late.
Reduction of non-genuine alarms
Unnecessary and unwanted alarms can be costly and cause inconvenience. Chubb’s Service plans are designed to help identify possible causes of unnecessary/unwanted alarms, and take the necessary actions where required.
Insurance requirements
Many insurance companies today require an approved (NZ Standards 2201.1) back to base intruder alarm to be installed in your premises as a condition of the policy. Chubb will issue on request a declaration of maintenance that can be used for insurance purposes as proof of a regular maintenance program.
Effective alarm response
An up to date alarm zone list is essential to enable the Monitoring Centre to effectively communicate and accurately action your predetermined alarm response plan. If your zone list is out of date the alarm response may not be effective. Regular preventative maintenance inspections ensure all your system information is current.
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