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High security solution

Chubb has a long history and expertise in meeting the New Zealand Government’s electronic security needs and can offer a full range of endorsed solutions to ensure your facility is both secure and compliant.

Our team of specialised high security experts is available to assist consultants and government officials tailor a seamless integrated solution that will protect what’s important by creating controlled and protected spaces.

Our high security solutions are in use at sensitive and critical sites throughout New Zealand in defence, government and high security facilities.

Chubb has a range of endorsed panels and perimeter products available and is able to provide off-site monitoring at our Grade A1 monitoring facilities.

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Protecting your world
Security alarm monitoring
Your premises protected by Chubb are monitored 24/7 at our Grade A1 monitoring centres.
200 years of history
For 200 years, Chubb's mission has been to make the world a safer place by protecting our customers with essential systems, equipment and services.
Expert Support
Chubb has fire protection and security solutions to protect your world. To find out how we can help, please contact us.