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Update your monitoring details

To update your monitoring details, please provide the information below or call us on 0800 20 30 40.

Your Contact Details

Update Emergency Contacts

When your intruder alarm system was installed, you provided a list of names and contact numbers for us to call when an alarm event is received at our monitoring centre. Ensuring that we have the most up-to-date emergency contact list is vital to maintaining your safety and protecting your premises.

You must have a minimum of two nominated contacts.

Update Late to Close Times
If you would like our monitoring centre to advise you should your alarm system not be armed by a designated time, then complete the table below outlining times that you expect your alarm system will be turned on each evening
Closing times should reflect the latest time staff and cleaners are to be on the premises and should account for late night and weekend trading times if applicable. Prior to implementing your alarm system, we will advise if additional charges apply for this service.
Closing times

Update Alarm Response

Alarm responses are pre-selected by you and tell us what to do when an alarm is received at our monitoring centre.

Choose your alarm response:
Keep my existing Alarm response code as presently configured.
The premises will be contacted. On no contact the nominated contacts will be advised, a message will be left where possible. On no contact, Chubb will take no further action.
The premises will be contacted. On no contact the nominated contacts will be advised. On no contact with the nominated contacts or where requested by the nominated contact(s) Chubb will dispatch a patrol car.
The premises will be contacted. On no contact, Chubb will dispatch a patrol car. Nominated contacts will be advised if the patrol identifies a break and enter at the premises or they are otherwise required to attend. Consult your Chubb customer service representative for details.

Additional Requirements

Please note any other special requirements. These may be requirements for plant alarms, duress alarms or other changes to response actions.

A customer service representative will contact you directly to verify and confirm changes.

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