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Protect patients and medical staff from fire and security risks


Our world today

The protection of your patients and staff is naturally your number one priority and at Chubb we share the same commitment to making sure your environment is safe and secure. In addition to this, we understand that the health sector is currently facing challenging times. The reasons for stretched services are many, but the main ones include the aging population, lifestyle and budget cuts.

Chubb solutions – fire and security

Our fire and security products and services are specifically designed, installed and serviced with the demands of a busy - often multiple building - health facility in mind and we are committed to being a partner you can trust so that you can focus on patient medical needs.

Chubb can install and service all aspects of security systems, including intruder alarms, CCTV and access control systems ensuring you are protecting your environment and can be confident that your buildings are safe and secure whilst both occupied and unoccupied. We offer fire risk assessments to ensure your protection is up to industry standard, and can install and maintain fire alarm and emergency lighting systems. We also have the knowledge to support fire and security systems inherited from other manufacturers, protecting any existing investment you have already made.

Chubb can monitor your buildings 24/7 so that if a fire breaks out or a security breach is detected, the emergency services are called or appropriate response given, thus preventing a minor incident from becoming a crisis.

Chubb solutions – medical alert and assisted living

Chubb has been supplying technology enabled care solutions to the health sector for elderly and other vulnerable people. We have a clear understanding of the issues affecting our customers which means that we can offer personalised care solutions to promote independence and an enriched quality of life. Our products range from telecare and telehealth solutions within a home, senior living and other care facilities, through to sensors for environmental and personal protection. Our goal is to provide solutions which are tailored to meet the needs of carers and their users. 

By carefully planning a technology enabled care package, this may lead to:

  • Independence, choice and empowerment for the individual and;
  • Effective services and significant cost savings for health, housing and social care.

Case Studies

Lady Cilento Children's Hospital, Australia

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200 years history
For over 200 years, Chubb's mission has been to make the world a safer place by protecting our customers with essential systems, equipment and services.
Premises protected by Chubb can be monitored by our own alarm receiving centres (ARCs) 24/7, we operate 365 days of the year, ensuring that we are always here when you need us, protecting your world.
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Chubb is one of the best‑known providers of fire safety and security solutions for businesses and organisations worldwide. For support and advice please contact us to find out more.