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Residential Monitoring & Response


Chubb Online Fire Safety Training is an e-learning tool that enables employers to deliver fire safety training courses and instruction electronically, via the Internet.  It is available in an instant, which makes it perfect for first day staff fire safety induction, or as part of ongoing staff fire safety training.

  • Training takes place at the user’s own workstation
  • Flexibility to train at time and pace that suits the user
  • Interactive training with mini quizzes to test knowledge

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Lenel OnGuard systems are ideally suited to medium to large enterprise requirements. OnGuard systems are used in many organisations as they offer such flexible scalability and security. Even more critically they are suited to grow with your business size and requirements. The systems offer many bespoke features eg visitor management, video and intruder integration, and can be adapted to suit your individual requirements. OnGuard is compatible with a wide range of reader and biometric verification technologies.
TruPortal systems are ideally suited to small to medium single or multi-site businesses. TruPortal uses an internet browser and so avoids compatibility issues with your existing IT operating systems as there is no dedicated PC or software to install. This also means that the system can be managed from smartphones or tablets. It is an intuitive, simple to use icon based system. The systems also offer integrated access control and digital video, the benefit being that you can use the access control system to operate other systems, eg set a camera to record.
Door entry systems
Door entry systems are ideally suited to small to medium businesses. The systems are reliable and offer ease of use.
Proximity cards allow a simple means of access where the card is simply presented to the card reader, alternatively this technology lends itself to longer range hands free applications allowing a card to be kept in a pocket or bag. The cards are available in multiple formats to suit the customer needs, application and budget. Proximity cards can be multi discipline allowing use with third party applications eg cashless vending, lighting etc. With the recent introduction of Near Field Communication (NFC) readers it is now possible to use a smartphone as a security access control credential.
Proximity with verification
The level of security can be enhanced by adding one or two additional levels of technology to ensure that lost cards will not compromise your security. The additional verification will normally be something that is individual to the user ie PIN number or a biometric such as fingerprint. This is often referred to as three factor authentication, something you have (credential), know (PIN) and are (Biometric).
This is the most secure level of access control as it cannot be copied or stolen, in addition it cannot be lost. Biometrics use any measurable unique physiological characteristic or personal trait as the unique credential. Biometric access can be further verified by combining with an additional technology such as proximity or PIN, this can be used to provide additional security for high risk areas. Typical examples of biometric credentials are fingerprint, hand or face geometry, retinal (eye).
Audio/Video door entry systems
This is a facility that will allow the occupants to validate a visitor audibly or visually before allowing authorised entry. These systems are often used in conjunction with an access control system. Any size of system is available from a single door, to a multi dwelling apartment block. Entry can be granted locally, centrally managed or even remotely via a mobile app or management software.
Chubb® Control View - Access Management System
Where access management, monitoring and reporting systems are vitally important for safe management and an efficient response, the Chubb® Control View system provides a consistent and effective way to monitor and manage critical areas and the people within them.
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