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Chubb ADACS Protecting Our World
In today’s fast moving world, one of the most important aspects in safeguarding national or corporate security is information. Security is a constant concern for any organisation. All businesses, enterprises and critical infrastructure sites are looking for the best solutions to protect every asset in the most effective way. Consider the vital importance in managing the safety aspects of your estate, such as controlling access, fire detection and suppression, or the monitoring of crowd behavior.
Why Chubb® Control View

The risk of litigation, balanced with a duty of care, makes the need for a powerful access management, logging and reporting system of the utmost importance. This feature rich system fully integrates and collates data from multiple channels.

Chubb Control View combines access control, CCTV monitoring, building control, logging and digital video recording. It also interfaces with personnel databases so medical records can be viewed and recorded events displayed from the recorded CCTV. All these and many other features are managed through wall-mounted touch screen panels and a single easy to-use operator interface. 

Chubb Control View with robust casing generates alerts and collects evidence ensuring people and property remain safe and secure.

Chubb Control View Applications
For those who demand the maximum benefit from their security management system, Chubb ADACS enables customers to mitigate potential situations, while operating from a single interface. Already installed in many businesses, with a diverse and demanding range of applications, Chubb ADACS plays a key role in safeguarding vitally important information and assets.
Access control
An advanced access control application, with a feature-rich event management module and IP-enabled controllers which provide appropriate door access.
Data entry and auditing of all visits
Chubb® Control View provides a full audit trail which can be analysed and used for reporting purposes.
Digital video
This functionality gives the operator a visual picture to send the appropriate response.
Fire and intrusion
Fire and intrusion panels, as well as central station receivers, can be integrated to manage events.
Key management
Chubb ADACS interrogates when an access card has been used to see if the user has access not only to a key safe, but also to which keys.
Light management
Chubb® Control View will integrate with lighting controllers allowing a number of lighting modes to be selected 'efficiently'.
Medical and personnel records
Chubb® Control View integrates with personnel records so employees are aware of critical information that is particularly important within a custodial or hospital environment.
Fire and intrusion
Fire and intrusion panels, as well as central station receivers, can be integrated to manage events.
Photographic identification
When an access card is logged onto the system, a visual image can be taken to confirm identification.
Secure log-in
Each kiosk has a secure log-in. Log-in can be in the form of card access, PIN or a combination of both.
Timed observations
Observations can be set up to happen at pre-defined intervals.
Supporting Services

Need help finding the right solution? Our team of experts are here to help

Service and maintenance support
Chubb Systems dedicated services teams provide 24/7 support to these and other systems. We are proud of our track record of customer projects successfully, cost-effectively completed in line with the customers specifications and timescales.
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Chubb® Control View - Access Management System
Where access management, monitoring and reporting systems are vitally important for safe management and an efficient response, the Chubb® Control View system provides a consistent and effective way to monitor and manage critical areas and the people within them.
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Need help finding the right solution? Our team of experts are here to help
Safeguarding your world
200 years history
For over 200 years, Chubb's mission has been to make the world a safer place and helping safeguard our customers with essential systems, equipment and services.


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Chubb is one of Canada's best‑known providers of fire safety and security solutions for businesses and organizations nationwide. For support and advice please contact us to find out more.
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