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Large-scale infrastructure projects remain a key driver in long-term economic growth, enhanced regional connectivity, improved living standards and investment in a region’s future. Critical projects such as energy, water, telecommunications, transportation, and more, typically have complex requirements and need highly integrated solutions. Further, when developing assets meant to last 50 to 100 years, flexibility becomes a central requirement in future proofing. From a technology standpoint that means using systems and technologies that are relatively open platforms, capable of integrating with a multitude of technologies and capable of growing with a site over time as technology and requirements evolve. 

Governments and public institutions undertaking these projects are often in positions where they must strive to maintain public trust and sense of security. Global security threats are forcing decision makers and authorities to rethink the way we secure public spaces, mass transit and more. Identifying and protecting strategically important assets from security threats and increasing resilience from accidental/environmental disasters is vital. 

Chubb solutions

Chubb has been supporting governments and public organizations around the world in the implementation and service of fire safety and security solutions. We have a clear understanding of the specific requirements of such critical projects and can provide some of the most advanced solutions and technologies. As one of the leading designers and service providers of fire safety and security systems, our tailor-made solutions are designed to meet the most stringent requirements.

Our national service network and central monitoring stations can provide 24/7 response to address critical issues of our customers.

Our people

We understand the sensitivity and confidentiality requirements of high-security sites. You can rely on our in-house design and service staff as they have the relevant security clearances and qualifications to work on the most sensitive projects. We provide an accountable and consistent approach and global project execution within challenging time-frames.

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