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Though some predicted the end of the retail bank, it remains a central component in having impactful and trust-building interactions with customers. The retail bank branch is not going away, it is evolving. The focus is shifting from transaction-based exchanges to strengthening customer relationships and focusing on more specific customer outcomes.  

As always, safety, security, and peace of mind are a top priorities. At Chubb, we take pride in that the world’s leading financial institutions look to us to secure their buildings, staff, customers, and to deliver robust fire safety and security solutions on time and on budget.

Proven track record

Our in-depth understanding of the fire & security needs of banks and credit unions is based on many years of service to the financial community both in Canada and around the world. We introduced the first alarm system for safes, helped set ULC standards for vault alarm systems and have long been at the forefront of fire and security technology.

Our Solutions

We offer some of the most advanced security and life safety technology to proactively manage risks and regulations and to improve the customer journey across touch-points. Our technology can be used to remove friction points from the banking customer journey by leveraging internal data, analytics and artificial intelligence to create highly personalized experiences. Much of our technology features open API’s, and as such are technology solutions that your enterprise can grow with over time and integrate into your system in many impactful ways.  

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