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Control numbers and access with confidence

Video Analytics solutions

Offers: Facial recognition, Thermal measurement cameras, People counting, Mask detection 

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Powered by innovation, our video analytics put you in the driving seat so you can manage your safety and security efficiently and reduce the spread of disease.

Facial recognition – Ensure employees and visitors can access your building safely and securely even when wearing a mask. A simple solution for all providing quick access for VIPs.

Video Thermal Measurement – A simple self-temperature check which can be cleverly integrated with access control solutions to alert you to anyone with a high temperature entering your facilities. 

People Video Counting – Control the number of people entering a building or retail space making it simple to manage social distancing, overcrowding and emergency evacuation. You’ll gain real-time accurate data of how many people are in your building at any one time – Ideal for crowded places with high volumes of people.


  • Optimise footfall/occupancy 
  • Manage safe and quick access 
  • Control disease spread