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Stress-free 24/7 protection to suit your new operating needs

Remote Security Management solutions

Offers: Room management, mobile access control, videoguarding, monitoring, remote maintenance & service 

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New operating models during the pandemic mean a scaled down workforce, lone workers and potentially unoccupied buildings. Chubb’s remote services ensure your facilities remain safe and secure at all times and protect your workforce – whether they are on site or working remotely. 

Remote security management limits disruption to your business – critical in current high-risk environments such as hospitals and care homes – and reduces the risks associated with external suppliers on site

For lone workers, our videoguarding service provides safety and peace of mind even when you are not in the building. 

And you will still receive the attentive, personal service that you’ve come to know and trust from Chubb.


  • Limits disruption 
  • Immediate response 
  • Peace of mind for lone and remote workers