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Lone-Worker Safety

The SafeZone® app by CriticalArc® is used by millions of users worldwide and enables lone workers to be easily located and assistance provided in an emergency situation. SafeZone is for anyone who works or travels alone and is the chosen emergency management solution for many leading Australian universities and government departments.

The solution is suitable for many roles including: field workers checking in on work sites, visiting private homes and offices, healthcare and aged care workers visiting patients and remote workers of all types.

SafeZone alerts are monitored and responded to 24/7 at Chubb’s two ASIAL certified Grade A1, Redundant Level R1A Monitoring Centres in Australia by trained and licensed monitoring operators.

  • Easy to use and install on the latest smart phones (Android v6+) and iPhones (iOS v12+)
  • Separate help, medical and emergency alert functions
  • Your location is only known when you checked-in or an alert is sent
  • Quick and easy to deploy across most organisations
  • No initial outlay for a tracking device hardware
  • Optionally a wearable Bluetooth® button can be paired to your smart phone for discreet activation

For larger enterprises a Corporate SafeZone solution can provide a complete cloud based emergency management platform which includes mass notifications, command posts, analytics and reporting.

Click here for more information on SafeZone by CriticalArc.

SafeZone and CriticalArc are trademarks of CriticalArc Pty Limited

How SafeZone Works
Raising an Alert
Simply press one of the three alert types, first aid, help or emergency on the smart phone app and the alert will be sent through to the Chubb monitoring centre.
Check-In Timer
The user can choose to enter the duration or the time day they anticipate the activity, meeting or trip will take and the count down will commence. If the check-in timer, is not acknowledged before the pre-set countdown time is reached, an alert will be sent to the monitoring centre.
SafeZone does not share a user’s location until they send an alert (emergency, first aid, or help), use the check-in or check-in timer features. It is not possible for another person to activate the tracking/location function externally. All personally identifiable information is stored in Australia.
Location Services
SafeZone uses the smart phones positioning services provided by Apple and Google. Location services uses a combination of mobile 3G/4G networks, Wi-Fi and GPS positioning and requires an internet connection (via WiFi or mobile data) in order to operate.
Monitoring & Response
When an alert is received, a Chubb monitoring centre operator will be presented with the users details and location on a map, they will call the user to verify the situation and confirm what action is required. If they get no answer from the end user, they will call the user’s nominated contacts and emergency services as required.
Wearable Technology
An optional Bluetooth® wireless duress button is available, that can be paired to your smart phone and will allow discreet activation of an emergency without touching your smartphone. The smartphone app can also be installed onto compatible Apple watches.
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