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Security licencing and standards

Chubb Fire & Security Pty Ltd holds the relevant security industry licenses in each state and territory of Australia as required by the legislation. Additionally, our employees and contractors hold individual security licenses relevant to the activities they undertake in each state and territory. 

State and Territory  Security Licenses

Australian Capital Territory  - 17502015 

New South Wales  - 410089562

Queensland - 3337754

South Australia - ISL 225493 

Victoria - 693-772-70S

Western Australia - 27464   

We are accredited to the highest security industry standards and are certified by the industry body ASIAL. We comply with all of the latest security policies and standards. 


Chubb operates two Monitoring Centres in Australia, and both are independently audited by the Australian Security Industry Association Limited (ASIAL) on a regular basis to reassure our customers that standards are being met.

The AS2201.2 standard covers:

- The physical construction and fire protection of the centre

- Restricted access to operations

- Integrity and operation of ventilation systems

- Multiple redundancy and standby times for power systems

- Redundancy of communications and monitoring systems

Having two of the highest available Grade A1 monitoring centres, geographically separated with one in Sydney and the other in Brisbane, allows alarms in the event of a natural disaster or major technical fault to be switched between monitoring centres within seconds, ensuring prompt actioning of alarm events and a continuous standard of service delivery in all circumstances. 

Chubb Monitoring Centre – Location: Sydney, NSW  
ASIAL Grade A1 Certificate 464
Security Monitoring Centre (SMC) – Location: Brisbane, QLD
ASIAL Grade A1 Certificate 462


Chubb is a Platinum Corporate member of the Australian Security Industry Association Limited (ASIAL).

Chubb has been part of ASIAL since 1974 and operates two ASIAL certified Grade A1, Redundant Level R1A Monitoring Centres in Australia.

Chubb supports ASIAL's Security Technician Certification (STC) program that provides industry recognised certification of technicians and engineers. Over 150 of our technical personnel hold ASIAL certification.

In addition, Chubb has received numerous ASIAL Awards for Excellence for its delivery of major projects and training programs in 2013, 2014 and 2015.


Chubb operates an ISO 9001:2016 accredited Quality Management System which helps us focus on improving and maximising both the quality and flow of value to our customers.

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