Alarm monitoring and response

Chubb operates one of the largest monitoring platforms in Australia. We provide alarm monitoring for businesses of all sizes, from small through to multi-national corporations and the most secure government organisations throughout Australia. 

There are many different reasons our customers choose to be monitored by us:

  • Trusted and dependable industry leader
  • Compliance and adherence to Australian Standards
  • Grade A1 monitoring centre, accredited to the highest Australian Standard (AS2201.2)
  • Redundant level R1A, the top rating under ASIAL's redundant level certification scheme
  • Dedicated local customer care
  • Reliable technology and response
  • Competitive rates


Dedicated local customer care

We understand every customer is unique and we recognise we need to deliver an excellent customer care experience. We have established dedicated customer care teams to take care of their own local regions and national account customers. These specialised team members are available to guide and assist customers to make changes to their monitoring procedures, produce alarm history reports, provide technical advice, organise patrol services or any other security related requirements.


Our monitoring centres

Chubb operates two ASIAL certified Grade A1, Redundant Level R1A Monitoring Centres in Australia. In the event of a natural disaster or major technical fault, this allows us to switch monitoring and phone calls to either monitoring centre. Having two geographically separated centres also enables load sharing in peak times. This ensures prompt actioning of all critical alarm events and seamless service delivery for our customers. 

What Chubb monitors

  • Chubb intruder alarm monitoring

    Burglary and intrusion alarms

  • Chubb lone worker, duress and panic monitoring

    Lone worker, hold-up and duress

  • Chubb enviromental, plant and asset monitoring

    Environmental and plant alarms

  • Chubb intruder monitoring

    Burglary and intrusion alarms

    Burglary and intrusions alarms are the most commonly monitored alarm types. These will enable appropriate response from our monitoring centre when an intruder is detected at your premises, which can help mitigate the risk of loss of assets and damage to your property. Intrusion events are typically detected by motion sensors, contact switches on your doors and windows or can be triggered by breaking glass or vibration when an intruder attempts to gain entry to your premises.

  • Chubb lone worker and duress monitoring

    Lone worker, hold-up and duress

    Lone worker, hold up and duress alarms enable an appropriate response from our monitoring centre when an individual feels threatened, is attacked or suffers an injury or medical incident. This enables a response that will provide prompt assistance to the individual. These events are typically initiated by under counter mounted hold-up buttons, wearable duress buttons, 3G mobile personal emergency devices and vehicle mounted satellite tracking systems.

  • Chubb environmental monitoring

    Environmental and plant alarms

    Environmental and plant alarms may help reduce property and asset damage due to failure of critical systems and will enable a tailored response from our monitoring centre. Events detected include refrigeration and air conditioning plant failure, smoke, heat and flood detectors.