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Interactive alarms

Chubb offers a full suite of interactive business services tailored to support a wide range of small and medium sized businesses, from single properties to multi-location enterprises. Our full suite of services gives you peace of mind knowing that your properties are protected and your businesses are running smoothly - no matter where you are. With Chubb interactive services you can stay secure & connected, see instantly what’s going on, manage access to your premises, automate lights and air conditioning.

Keep your business secure and connected

24/7 professional monitoring

Our A1 graded professional monitoring centre provides you with ultimate peace of mind, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In the event of an emergency, our highly trained professional staff action your emergency response plan within minutes of an alert being received from your property. 

Chubb interactive services

Provide greater visibility of your property with arming reminders, schedules and notifications that let you know when your system has been disarmed and when it hasn’t been armed. Remotely arm your system all from the convenience of compatible Apple, Android and Windows connected smart devices.

Dedicated communication

Provides you with reliable protection with a secure, dedicated wireless connection. 

Commercial features & multi-site access  

With Chubb’s customised reports and notifications, you’ll have control of your business including:

  • arming schedules
  • auto re-arming
  • opening, closings
  • multi-site management
  • multi-user management

and much more from the touch of a button.

See what's happening when you need to

Watch live streaming video Watch live feeds from your property right on your phone, tablet or computer. See what’s happening anywhere on your property, at any time.

Receive video alerts Get video clips sent directly to you when the front door opens, the alarm goes off or there is motion in the back room or anywhere else.

Smart clip capture Smart Clip Capture, triggered by camera video motion detection or system events, makes it easy for you to find important events that happen throughout the day. With a searchable library, you’ll be able to easily play back those moments.

Cloud based recording Cloud Based Recording provides secure, cloud-based streaming and video clip access from anywhere. You can also add Chubb’s Smart Video Recorder (SVR) to capture 24/7 high definition recordings.


Easy to use custom triggers let you consolidate multiple actions into one to control your lights, locks and air conditioning automatically.

Lighting Schedules

Set lighting schedules to help reduce your energy costs. Have them turn on or off at set times to ensure that your property is well lit and safe when closed.

Climate Control

Remotely adjust your split-system air-conditioner via the web or Chubb’s mobile app and set automatic schedules so you save money.

Enhance Property Management

Get instant alerts and notifications when the lights go on or a door is locked.

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