DD6800ES Chubb mobile extinguisher 68kg

Mobile fire extinguishers

Chubb offers a range of larger capacity, trolley-mounted mobile fire extinguisher units for fire risks that demand a greater area of protection than can be provided by portable fire extinguishers.

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  • DA6800ES

    Dry chemical powder mobile fire extinguishers

    The Chubb 'BE' dry chemical powder mobile extinguisher can be safely used on Class B fires involving live electrical equipment, flammable liquids and cooking oil while the 'ABE' dry chemical powder mobile extinguisher is recommended for Class A and Class B fires where wood, paper, flammable liquid or live electrical equipment are involved.

    Chubb 'BE' dry chemical powder mobile extinguishers are suitable for use in:

    • Oil refineries
    • Fuel depots
    • Airport hangars

    Chubb 'ABE' dry chemical powder mobile extinguishers are suitable for use in:

    • High coverage areas
    • Remote airstrips and locations where water is difficult to access
    • Small fuel storage areas
    • Manufacturing plants
    • Mining sites
    • Alcohol, flammable liquid and chemical stores

  • DA6800ES

    Monnex powder mobile fire extinguisher

    Chubb Monnex dry chemical mobile fire extinguishers contain Monnex powder, a high performance fire fighting powder. In the combustion zone Monnex powder explodes which dramatically increases the surface area of the powder and therefore the speed and effectiveness of this product.

    The powder is non-conductive and may be used in the presence of an electrical current. Chubb Monnex extinguishers comprise potassium bicarbonate – Urea complex. Monnex extinguishers will extinguish Class B fires (flammable liquid such as heptane, petrol and diesel).

    Monnex fire extinguishers are suitable for high risk applications and are suitable for use in:

    • Offshore applications
    • Petrochem
    • Fuel depots
    • Motor racing events
    • Airports and heliports
    • Alcohol and flammable liquid or chemical stores

    Monnex® is a registered trademark of Angus Holdings Safety Group Ltd

  • AF5000E

    Fluorine free foam mobile fire extinguishers

    Chubb offer a choice of 2 Chubb fluorine free foam mobile extinguisher sizes, 50l and 90l with a polyester powder coat finish.

Mobile fire trolley units

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