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Fire alarm monitoring


Fire alarm monitoring and regular maintenance are critical to help protect your people, property and assets. Whether you have a large commercial or industrial site, or a business on a smaller scale, we can tailor a fire alarm monitoring solution for your premises and location to meet Australian Standards.

Certified monitoring

Fire alarms must connect through a certified Automatic Fire Alarm Service Provider (AFASP). As one of the few approved AFASPs in Australia, Chubb's Code Red network complies with Australian Standards AS1670 and AS4428.

Round-the-clock protection

Alerting emergency services within seconds of fire detection is critical. Your automatic fire detection system connects to our sophisticated monitoring centre, giving you peace of mind 24/7.

Professional services

Our operators are highly trained in fire alarm response procedures, plus customers can access our fire service technicians with queries. We can also keep you up-to-date with notifications via email, SMS or phone and provide regular activity reports.

Intelligent information

Although the primary purpose of Chubb's Code Red Alarm Signalling Equipment (ASE) is to convey an alarm signal, the ASE can monitor non-fire signal events linked to your fire panel and alert you to potential problems including:

  • Power supply and/or battery faults
  • Pump faults
  • Low system pressures
  • Tank levels
  • Circuit/device faults and isolations
  • System tampering

False Alarm Management

State fire authorities impose heavy penalties on properties that generate false alarms due to poor work practices or a lack of fire system maintenance.

At Chubb, we work with you to improve the integrity of your fire system. Our Code Red InSite technology and ASE can pinpoint the location and cause of signals, helping to minimise the occurrence of costly false alarms.

For questions or to implement Chubb Code Red on your premises, please contact us.

How safely can people exit your premises during an evacuation or emergency?

Chubb can advise you on correct placement of exit and emergency lighting that identifies escape routes and provides visibility during power failures.

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Are your wardens trained?

We can train your wardens to ensure they know their role and responsibilities.

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