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CCTV Remote services

Chubb offers a range of remote monitoring and online Health Check services to ensure your system initiates the correct response and is fully operational at all times.

CCTV Remote Services
CCTV Monitoring
Remote Health Check
Remote Video Response (RVR)

Chubb have a Remote Video Response centre which allows us to monitor alarm activations generated from either video analytic solutions or conventional movement detector activated CCTV systems. The response centre is made up of specially trained operatives who will view and acknowledge alarms, interrogate CCTV alarm images following an activation and initiate your agreed response plan. This may include contacting your keyholders or where applicable the police. In addition operatives can operate specific equipment on site i.e. gate barriers, perform a virtual guard tour of your site and verbally address the persons there. Additional services include: remote access control and concierge services, alarm verification including personal attack and lone worker monitoring.

BS 8418 Police Monitoring

Chubb have a BS 8418 accredited monitoring centre which allows CCTV systems to be designed to this standard. This enables the operator to pass a visually conformed activation to initiate a police response. Only systems that are installed to this accreditation are recognised by the police and will be assigned a Police Unique Reference Number (URN). The URN identifies that the system is recognised by the police who hold the site, customer, keyholders details as well as site maps enabling them to initiate a preferential response.

ServiceCheck CCTV Essential

The essential service will consist of the following checks: online connection, camera connection status, recording devices operating correctly, recording duration and time and date accuracy.

ServiceCheck CCTV Premier

The premier service includes all the essential services (online connection, camera connection status, recording devises operating correctly, recording duration and time and date accuracy) and has additional Status Web Viewer allowing users to view the live status of their sites using a browser or smartphone and Image Integrity Check which ensures that images are in focus, not too bright or too dark and have not been tampered with or vandalised.

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