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The changing face of fire and security monitoring solutions


Chubb Fire & Security began providing monitoring services for customers worldwide over 75 years ago, and since then, there has been a dramatic change in the landscape of technological advancement. This has resulted in Chubb’s ability to constantly improve response times and accuracy when responding to fire and security system alarms and personal safety alerts, with a continual focus on improving overall customer service.

When Chubb began monitoring, the fire and security industry used dial-up services, which meant response times were relatively slow. Today, thanks in part to the use of Internet Protocol (IP) in new systems, we can set target times in terms of minutes for handling all alarm issues. For example, in the UK our target time to respond is within three minutes, with many achieving a faster response than that.

With an increasing focus on security in modern cities and businesses, Chubb today monitors over 1.3 million sites in more than 17 countries with a variety of alarm and surveillance equipment manned 24/7, 365 days a year. The monitoring centres worldwide are now state-of-the-art offices with the latest technology, reflecting the increasingly complex security environment, where technological developments and innovation allow for more control by businesses, as well as special lighting, such as lighting that combats the potentially damaging effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), to support health and welfare, and training for employees.

The industry is well regulated - all monitoring providers are held accountable by the regulatory bodies based on their speed of response - and Chubb complies with all relevant standards. We also work closely with insurance companies to understand levels of monitoring required to ensure we provide our customers with the appropriate protection that enables them to meet their insurance requirements.

Today, monitoring companies use more sophisticated solutions - including self-service portals – allowing for much quicker engagement and response times. For example, Chubb UK customers are able to manage their accounts online through ChubbMySite, effectively changing keyholder information and other important data digitally and securely.

Technological advancements have provided the monitoring industry with the tools it needs to increase speed-of-response and ensure monitoring accuracy and excellence. Chubb continues to look for ways to improve performance with the increasing use of automation and innovation whilst maintaining a compliant ethical and customer-focused approach to monitoring solutions.